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The exhibition’s “Interactive zone”  

In the exhibition’s interactive zone, visitors can try out sitting on replicas of Cubist chairs. An Ordinary chair or a precious object for display? is the title of worksheets that invite visitors to examine the chairs from unusual viewpoints.

On the same floor, the exhibition is complemented by a screening of mainly Prague’s world-renowned Cubist architectural designs and realizations. After viewing the exhibition, visitors can set out on a stroll around Prague’s Cubist architecture, using a map that the UPM created as a keepsake for its visitors.

A puzzle is available on the worktable: The Black Madonna – the exhibition’s logo designed by the graphic designer Štěpán Malovec, can be composed from the individual pieces.

The exhibition includes touch-screen tablets showing a timeline, profiles of Czech Cubist artists and designers, excerpts from period critical reviews and caricatures, and archival photographs depicting the exhibitions organized by the Fine Artists Group, as well as the output of the Prague Art Workshops and the Artěl art cooperative.